How to Write a Formal Report?

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Every professional worker needs to know the rules and principles of writing a formal report in order to be able to put forward personal suggestions for specific projects and be aware how to share information among the personnel. For example, in engineering sphere, one may need to know how to write a formal report on the way of arranging aircraft seats, whereas a PhD graduate may need to know the rules of writing a formal report when describing the latest innovations in his/her field of research.

What Makes the Formal Report so Special?

  • Methodological structure (each section should be properly organized in terms of addressing each key point);
  • It should address the target audience (the content of the report should be of interest to your readers);
  • The report should be written in appropriate formal style.
Every person who is struggling with the task of writing a formal report should learn the basic steps on how to structure it properly.

Sections of the Report:

  • Front cover. Its main role is to provide appropriate visual representation hat could grab attention of your target audience. Provide the report title (should be capitalized) and the writer's name.
  • Title page. Although similar to the front cover, it includes the abstract, which is a brief and concise summary of the report's content.
  • Table of contents for making it clear what sections and subsections you have. It helps to navigate through your paper and find the needed information more easily.
Summary. The last paragraph provides a descriptive conclusion, where you identify the main goal, research questions, and outcomes revealed within the formal report.
The aforementioned is the backbone of structuring the report as a document. However, regarding the organization of the main body of the text, it should be logically divided into the introductory paragraph, discussion section, and conclusion.
Each of the sections that are included into the formal report should be separately discussed and be provided with headings and subheadings. You should formulate the subheadings in such a way that it is clear for a reader what is the key point or idea that you aim to convey.
Make sure to organize separate sections of the report logically and coherently. The information that you write under each section should be relevant to the topic/subheading. Most importantly, you should provide original ideas. In case you borrow some ideas or use references to other scholars/researchers/professionals, you should properly cite those pieces of text.
The last section of the formal report contains professionals setting and should be comprised of the following parts:
  • Appendix (appendices), where you provide supplementary materials that are attached along with the report.
  • Glossary, where you provide explanation for specific terms in case they might be unknown for your target audience.
  • A reference page, where you cite each work that was used in the report.
To sum up, a formal report is not that hard to write as it seems from the first sight. The thing that is important is to follow the requirements. Stop looking for troubles and focus on quality! With reputable essay writing services, you have a unique chance to solve your writing problems and hire a top-notch writer to work on your paper!

How to Survive When Preparing Public Speaking

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Are you afraid of public speaking? It is one of the most widespread problems now. There are many troubles connected with speaking to the audience, such as nervousness and inner tension. However, it is not as hard as you can imagine, because there are different tips that can improve your public speaking skills and help you not to die from stress.

Use Neuro-Linguistic Strategies

There are many useful methods of NLP. The most common in case of public speaking is "anchor". This approach can enlarge your self-confidence and reduce the stress load. For example, you can create your own movement and repeat it every time before public speaking. In other words, it will be a signal of your success. Thanks to it, you will be more confident and relaxed.

Less Worries, More Practice

Practice your speech at least three times before giving it.
  • First step: Imagine live audience (if it is very hard, let toys or chairs be your audience). Take notice of the way you move and speak. Try to use the method of NLP, which we mentioned above. It reduces the worries and increases communication with the public.
  • Second step: Ask someone to help you (they can be your friends, relatives or other people). During the speech, you can see their reactions and emotions. You will be prepared for the real public speech without being confused. Moreover, you should practice the breath (several deep breaths and slow speaking with the accents on the most important parts of the speech).
  • Third step: This step is nearly the same as the second, but now, you should wear your presentation clothes and speak. Let your family feel the full atmosphere of your public speaking. Furthermore, it will be a good opportunity for you to feel the same!

Control Your Nerves and Fears

Public speaking is not as terrible as many students think about it. Try to keep calm and realize that everything is good and there is no need to be afraid of anything. It is just the small part of your studying, try to go through it with flying colors. Furthermore, adrenalin will also do its job. Your speech will be more interesting emotionally. Moreover, there are many useful ways of how to avoid being nervous before public presentations.
  • First way: Breathe deeply, raise the hands up and put them down. Repeat this action several times and it will decrease the inner pressure and will stabilize your pulse.
  • Second way: One more time, put your hands up.
  • Third way: Think what you are talking about and concentrate on your words. Try to be relaxed and enjoy your speech.
As you see, public speaking is not the greatest worry in your life. The more you practice, the fewer troubles you have (this concerns not only your public speeches). So, take your fears under control and prepare the speech. Smile, be positive and take it easy.
To perform the most effective speech writing, one should take care of the writing process. There are different factors you need to follow. For example, you have to choose an appropriate topic, correct the style and follow the word count, etc. can definitely help you in academic writing. It is very fast and easy - follow just a few steps and receive the best written speeches at a cheap price.

Book Review and How to Write It

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College students receive numerous writing assignments. Some of them are really difficult to complete in a timely manner. Most students consider book review writing one of the most complicated tasks. That is why they try to find professional writing assistance in order to improve their writing skills and reach high results in the academic career. We are here to offer our customers expert help in book review writing. They can check out our book review examples and find out more information and useful advice on writing perfect book reviews and many other papers. Feel free to visit our website and ask for our high quality assistance.

Examples of Book Review Papers

We offer you to check out one of our book review examples.
We have already discussed in our previous article on "How to properly write a book review" that book review and book report are different writing tasks. In order to show our customers how a good book review looks, here is an example of a book review.

Book Review Opening Example

"The Devil's Company, a real treat for all those who are in love with historical fiction, shows Benjamin Weaver's return in the third romp, which is considered to be very exciting. It is demonstrated through various and oftentimes surreal landscapes of London in the 18th century. Benjamin Weaver is the main character. He is a former ring fighter and a private detective. Readers had an opportunity to meet him for the first time in A Conspiracy of Paper written by David Liss in 1999."
From the above example, it can be seen that the reviewer managed to write about the settings, the genre, and the main character in just a few lines. Such opening is the best example of an excellent book review.
The review makes a conclusion by stating that "historical fiction is in most cases mirrors and smoke. Modern authors have no clue how people lived in past centuries. Regardless of any attempts to make a detailed research work, they still fail to properly describe past events. That is why they try to create the illusion, which in some cases seems to be pretty convincing. In his novel, Liss overcomes this challenge successfully and creates atmospheric, accomplished, and thoughtful work."
The book review example we discussed here shows other vital questions that should be addressed in all the reviews: how the book can be compared to other books written by the same writer? Does the reviewed book make a contribution to a certain genre or field? Is the book of high quality or something is missing in it?
To sum up, we would like to wish you good luck in writing your own book review. We hope that our example will be useful for you and when you try to write a book review on your own, you will definitely succeed in it. Please do not forget to double-check your book review for any spelling, grammatical, and stylistic mistakes. Remember that book review writing is not as scary as it may seem from the first sight.
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Essay on Leadership: Writing Tips

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Have you ever written an essay on leadership? Aspiring students usually like this task because they can reflect on their own leadership traits and skills and describe their supervising experience. However, before you start writing your leadership essay, you should dedicate some time to an individual brainstorming - try to remember all those situations in which you excelled at organizing and guiding the process. When you brainstorm on your own, it's beneficial to ask yourself such questions as: Have you found a reputable essay writing service? Have you ever helped to coordinate a successful teamwork? Did the majority of people in your team listen to your advice? Were all those goals you set achieved? Have you been responsible for momentous projects? What do you usually do to encourage others to follow your ideas? Are you a good public speaker?If you can sincerely answer "Yes" to every question we've listed, then you're a natural born leader! If your experience is not that impressive, you can still find these qualities at the level of family relationships. If you're not a leader at all, you can exemplify leadership qualities based on any ambitious person you know.
After determining the focus of your essay, you can start writing your first draft. Just remember, while your thoughts should be as unique and creative as possible, it's important to adhere to certain essay standards, which form the foundation of your work. This tried-and-true sequence is unfailing: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

An Eye-Catching Introduction

An introduction should be insightful and innovative. If you fail to catch the interest of your readers, it's unlikely they will continue delving into your essay. They will, if anything, lazily look through your work and forget about it soon. Your audience doesn't have to yawn; it has to read your work assiduously. It's highly advantageous if you can demonstrate your personal leadership skills at the onset of your writing. On the contrary, you have to scrutinize the experience of a famous leader to eloquently elucidate his incredible qualities. The readers will be interested in both types of introductions, especially if you describe your topic using figurative language, comparisons, and contrasts. What else should you pay attention to? The thesis statement, of course! It has to amalgamate the core ideas of your essay into one sentence.

Compelling Body Paragraphs

How many paragraphs should you write in the body of your essay? While there are many proponents of three body paragraphs, you may write more or less, depending on your task. It's more important to focus on the ideas you express. Each paragraph should further explain the concept of leadership. For instance, dedicate your first paragraph to the elucidation of qualities of a genuine leader; in the second paragraph, present some useful tips aimed to gain organizational skills; in the third paragraph, investigate a peculiar situation where excellent leadership abilities are demonstrated, etc. The paragraphs should not only reveal your ideas but connect all your thoughts logically; it can be compared to building bridges, which lead to one destination. Your destination is to keep readers engaged.

A Promising Conclusion

Your conclusion about leadership should support the thesis statement and reflect the quintessence of your essay. Your reader should be convinced that being a leader is both difficult and inspiring. It's astute to conclude, emphasizing the importance of leadership skills in the modern world as well as envisioning the qualities of leaders in the future.
If you're able to write an outstanding essay on leadership, you have the potential to become a leader in your life!

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